Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care?, Edward T. Welch

Edward T. Welch demonstrates a great talent at connecting with young people while holding firmly to biblical doctrine and theology. His teaching is sound and is easily applicable for teens.

I was very impressed with his handling of the very popular view of living life as a "love cup". This view has been so grossly misapplied that people live in a constant state of depending on others for fulfillment and acceptance thus further creating a gap between God's sufficient love and grace and the person. Once this myth of having a love cup that is continually filled then emptied is dispelled Welch moves the reader into a greater understanding of who God really is, who they truly are in the sight of God and who other people are in respect to the person and God. Welch skillfully shows through sound teaching that the true story is one of redemption and fulfillment through Christ Jesus the maker of all by continually redirecting the reader to the Creator instead of self.

As we currently live in a "me-centered" world that preaches the doctrine that we should have the things we desire this book is needed. Welch drives home the point that our focus must become less me-centered and more others-centered and Christ centered. For in serving and loving others fulfillment is found and we are drawn more into the likeness of Christ our savior.

This book is an excellent resource for those who work with teens. It would also make a good gift for the teen in your life.

Special thanks to B&B Communications for this review copy.

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