Saturday, October 8, 2011

Still More Stories From Grandma's Attic, Arleta Richardson

In the rich story telling that Arleta Richardson is known for the stories of her grandmother unfold like a beautiful hand made quilt, spreading out to display a richness and depth of wisdom and knowledge that is timeless and entertaining. These stories captivate young and old alike because they are like sitting on the knee of an a grandmother and taking in the scents and sights of a time long ago forgotten. They transport readers to a time free of modern devices and distractions and into the turn of the century. I would love to say this was a less complicated time, with less stressful decisions. However, the fact remains that there is nothing new under the sun it is just the way it is done.

These stories are timeless in their moral application to ones character development. If you are seeking stories that will captivate your children while conveying godly character development this is it - look no further. I highly recommend these to home school families that are seeking to add richness and depth to their library while complimenting a biblical world view education.

I was first told of this series by a fellow home school mom when I was first looking for an appropriate library for my children. A few months later I received, much to my delight, the first two in the series from B&B Communications as review copies. And now I have the book 3 and 4 as well under the same circumstances.

When I open these books my children know they are in for a delightful read that will lead to discussions on how they can apply the story to their own lives as well as a search in the bible for applicable scripture that matches the stories they have just read. I have even had them try to recreate stories with the same moral lessons in their own words.

Thank you B&B Communications for offering this book as well as the others to me as review copies. They have been a welcomed addition to my library.

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