Wednesday, November 16, 2011

21-Day Dad's Challenge, General Editor Carey Casey

This book is in response to the movie Courageous and is a challenge to men to step up to the call of Fatherhood. This is a daunting task in today's society and many men feel over-whelmed and ill-equipped. This book is written with the evidence of the heart of Jesus - in that it is very encouraging and edifying to men who are in the season of Fatherhood. Though it challenges men in areas it also encourages them to continue in the daily work of being a father.

Like mothers, fathers too need the mentorship of older men. This is simply the call in Timothy spelled out. In this book men will find the advice of other father's who have been down the path. They impart their wisdom that has been gleaned from experience and scripture in a way that will empower the father's of today to become great leaders.

Father's you will not be disappointed. Women - encourage your men, but don't nag them. Point out what they are doing right and allow God to show them through this book and other godly men what scripture says they need to work on. If you buy this for your husband be sure to remind him that you are proud to be married to a godly man that would be willing to read a book like this. As a mother - I know I am constantly encouraged by the huge amount of books on the subject of motherhood. I am glad to see this well-written book for men.

Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.


  1. My hubby and I went to see the movie and I really enjoyed it, but he found it "preachy." I did see him pick up this book and look it over in a bookstore, though he didn't say anything about it... I enjoy reading books on motherhood and parenting, but that doesn't seem to be his approach. Dads who like this book may also want to check out the Thriving Family magazine by Focus on the Family - they have a couple great columns written by dads for dads.