Saturday, November 5, 2011

Praying the Names of God, Ann Spangler

Last year I received "Praying the Names of Jesus" by this same author and enjoyed it greatly. This is no less enjoyable! This is a book that seems so simple upon first look but it delves deeply into the richness of God's Word exposing the beauty and depth of the original language and the importance of the different names given to God. We are taught the words Lord, God, Almighty, the I Am - yet rarely do we truly understand the depth and meaning of these words or how they reveal the rich and wonderful character of God.

Upon reading a book like this it is hard to view the scriptures in the same context. For all of the sudden you have a more complete knowledge of what the author, under the divine inspiration of God, was trying to convey. It is like stumbling upon a treasure in the midst of what you already thought was good and unearthing more than you expected at each turn. It is like finding a well in the midst of a desert, then discovering it is actually a spring that runs eternally deep and will never run dry.

I really enjoy that only one Name is explored for the entire week. This gives the reader time to absorb the meaning - to make it personal and to experience the true character of who God is. The questions cause the reader to dig deeper and apply the knowledge that has been taught.

Absolutely worth the read - more than once!

Thank you Zondervan for this review copy.

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