Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Christmas Shoppe, Melody Carlson

An eccentric old lady with strange ways, a small town, a ruthless City Councilman and a new to town City Manager fleeing a past of brokenness and pain are thrown together in a story that effects every one in this sleepy little town.

Melody Carlson has woven together a heart-touching story of faith and redemption. This book is just the right length to read on a lazy fall day as you cuddle beneath a stack of blankets. The story is easy enough to read that from the first page the reader is drawn in and hooked.

The Christmas Shoppe at first glance is a store filled with worthless odds and ends. The owner is an odd old woman that has captured the thoughts and imagination of the towns people. Every one has their own opinions of her and her odd dress and mannerisms. However, no one that steps into the little shop comes out the same. One can not help but be changed when they encounter the power of forgiveness - the facing of the brokenness in each person. This shoppe's power is in the facing of one's past, the acknowledgment of brokenness - and the shedding of truth on lies.
In a matter of weeks this small sleepy village ruled by tradition and steeped in silent pain held by each person is changed by the power of truth unleashed with love and compassion.

This book is so sweet. If you are a Secret Santa this year put it in your basket for your person with a mug, some cocoa and marshmallows and a small fleece blanket. Everyone needs to face something in our past and be released from a bondage of some sort. Though the book is not intrusive personally it will be one that makes the reader wonder what worthless piece of "junk" still has a hold on their life and is holding them back from the very best that God has for them.

Thank you so much Revell for this review copy. I am already recommending it for others to purchase.


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