Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Woman's Guide to Fasting, Lisa E. Nelson

Lisa E. Nelson has done an excellent job at teaching on a subject that has become legalistic and religious in a way that brings back the spiritual beauty of seeking fully the Lord. This book is very well written and extremely concise.

Lisa addresses not only the physical aspects of fasting and how to be successfull at it, but she also addresses the spiritual. She does this in a such a friendly manner that the reader truly is introduced to the heart of God. As the book unfolds Lisa teaches that fasting is more about the relationship with God - a true and deep hunger and thirst for knowing God more closely and personally.

I absolutely enjoyed every aspect of this book as it caused me to search deeper into the scriptures and find for myself what God had hidden there for me. Fasting truly is about a relationship not a religion, not rules, not legalism - but a faith that seeks to grow stronger in the Lord.

Thank you for this review copy.

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