Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Remembering Christmas, Dan Walsh

Often we leave behind our family, our childhood, the things that we want to forget and forge for ourselves a new path. We long to reconcile the aching in our hearts, to fill the void that is in our lives. So we search out success and wealth, relationships and fun to fill our days. We build up walls around the past, the pain, the hurt, the memories we just can't seem to put into a proper place or make fit into a perfect world that we seek.

This is the case with Rick. Leaving home years ago he had found success in the business world, including wealth and relationships. By all worldly standards he had attained what all seek. A life separate from his childhood - carefully removed from the imperfect memories that he could not make fit into his ideal world. He had shut off his mother, created a life that was suitable, and workable by his standards. Then came the call to return home and help his mother while his step-father was in the hospital.

In this time Rick comes face to face with the memories he had carefully constructed and the truth. The longer he stays the more his eyes are opened. He is asked to run the bookstore that his mother and step-father had - little did he know that this seemingly simple task would cause his carefully constructed world to unravel piece by piece.

The journey begins with the introduction of two completely opposite people - a homeless man and a single mother. Both of these people bring about a change so complete and so absolute that Rick is never the same. The things he held as truth and the world he had created come crashing down and a peace and forgiveness that he had never known follows this breaking.

Dan Walsh has a way of unfolding a story that draws a reader into the very midst of it. It is as if you, the reader are more than just an onlooker. This story is so powerful in its simplicity that it is nothing short of amazing.

Thanks to Revell for this review copy.

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