Sunday, January 1, 2012

That's My Girl, Rick Johnson

Subtitled "How a Father's love Protects and Empowers His Daughter" this book is just that. Many father's get lost in the provisional respects of their role in the family life forgetting or never fully understanding that love is a key element.

As the Senior High Girls Youth teacher and the Sunday School teacher for younger girls I see first hand what a lack of a father's genuine love does to a girl. Few father's truly understand the magnitude of influence they have in what type of young adult emerges in their daughters. They wonder why their daughters make bad choices in careers, life style, dates, etc - it boils down to what they were taught by their fathers. A girl's worth is often tied up in what she thinks her father thinks about her.

I am impressed with Rick Johnson's book in that it not only explores the importance of a father's love and influence, or what a father should do for his daughter, but it goes a step father to empower men to be the very best fathers. In this book Johnson attempts to give men direction, encouragement and advice on how to accomplish the task of loving their daughters in a way that protects and empowers them.

Our children are faced with a myriad of decisions. They desperately need a solid foundation of love to succeed in this unstable world. After reading this as a review copy I found myself wanting to buy the book "That's My Son" and "Better Dads, Stronger Sons". As a mother I want to know firsthand how I can help my sons become godly men - and if Johnson handles the subject of sons as well as he did daughters I do not expect to be disappointed.

Although I am a mother, I would highly recommend this book for fathers (and mothers to read with your husbands). If you are a single mom - read this book to better understand what it is your daughter may be longing for - then begin to pray for godly men to step into that role.

I received this book from the publisher Revell as a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

“Available January 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.”

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