Friday, January 13, 2012

Wayward Son, Tom Pollack with Jim Alves & John Loftus

Wayward Son is one of those unique novels you stumble across ever so often that is both interesting and thought provoking. The captivating plot draws the reader into an adventure of a life-time that crosses ages and centers around a person of historical and biblical magnitude.

What would happen if the one cursed by God somehow 'cheats' death and lives throughout the ages influencing many people in many different time periods? Find out in this exciting novel that encompasses world history and biblical history. A theme that seems to be explored is the danger of greed, and self-sufficiency.

Amanda, a beautiful (overly stated in the novel) and intelligent young lady is called upon to use her amazing (again over stated) Linguistic skills to translate a door that is found after an earthquake. Apparently our lead character is a master of multiple modern and ancient languages and so brilliant that she is highly sought after for this and her unbelievable beauty.

In the course of going to this archeological site Amanda is faced with a great offer to become a television host and make more money in one year than she could make in a life time at the Getty working ancient artifacts and translating ancient texts. This temptation is a lure to keep her from what lays in wait for her at the archeological site.

Could it be that the modern world is still plagued by a god who is faceless, and just as ruthless as ever? A deceiver in the purest form - the ancient enemy of the one true God?

See this epic adventure unfold as you are invited into a modern world that collides with the ancient and see the battle of the adversary and God.

This is truly an interesting book.

Thanks to the Publisher for this free review copy.

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