Thursday, January 12, 2012

Every Body Matters, Gary Thomas

I have read many books that Gary Thomas has read and for the most part can say that I enjoy them. The fact that he chose to write something on this subject matter does not surprise since it seems to be a popular subject to write on. I have to say honestly that the title is cute - it is one thing that caught my attention. As a youth teacher I am constantly telling the youth that their bodies matter to God because they are the temple of God. This fact alone should stir each of us to take better care of what God created as a special place for the indwelling of his spirit.

In this book Thomas explores the negative and positive aspects of caring for ones body. He ties the healthy body to a healthy soul. His main goal is to show that our desires should not be for the outward appearance but should be for the goal of growing closer to God.

I would recommend this book for someone who is looking to make changes in their lifestyle while staying focused on God's design.

Thank you Zondervan and LibraryThing for this review copy.

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