Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Year with Jesus, R.P. Nettelhorst

A Year with Jesus is just the book needed for new and older Christians alike. After teaching the true meaning of theology to our teens and exploring that it in fact means the study of who God is and His personality - this book is easy to recommend. How better to get to know Jesus(God the Son) than by reading and studying His own words each day. If studied with an open heart that is seeking a deeper and more intimate knowledge of Jesus this book will open the door for solid foundational theology.

Each day is devoted to a teaching or saying of Jesus. This allows the reader to get to know the real Jesus to explore the character and nature of a Great and Awesome God and discover firsthand the personal love Jesus showed as he walked in human form on this earth.

This is an excellent book to start out your morning with or end a hectic day with. I would recommend it to any one.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for this free review copy.

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