Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Daniel Fast, Susan Gregory

This is the second book on the Daniel Fast that I have picked up to read. Again this book hits the reason to fast right on the head.

Though this book does go into the hows of fasting it focuses a lot of the why of fasting. After all the "why" of things is what gives us motivation and drive to follow through with something once we start. This book puts the focus right where it needs to be - on growing closer to God. In biblical text anytime fasting was used was for a person to spend time focused only on God and hearing His direction and guidance. The thought being to take away other distraction.

This book lays out a way to safely fast and I really appreciate the authors question and answer section in the back about common concerns. This puts to rest the person that is still uneasy about fasting. Also included is a 21-day devotional to help the person that is fasting. These devotionals are very solid in biblical application. Combine all this with yummy recipes that after 21-days will most certainly cause a certain amount of change in an unhealthy diet and you have a great book for those looking to fast for the first time.

Thank you Tyndale for this review copy.

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