Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FaithGirlz Bible, NIV translation

This is an excellent bible for the tween girl in your life. It is a study bible of sorts that will help young girls find the answers to questions about the bible and deepen their knowledge of God's Word. They will be excited to open the pages and explore God's Word.

There are so many neat features included in this bible that any girl is sure to find something they enjoy. These include and introduction to each book that gives information about the book, who wrote it, when and where it was written and what the book is about. This is important for good bible study and developing a deeper understanding of the text being studied. Bring It On! is a section that allows the girl to take quizzes about themselves. What girl doesn't want to take a quizz - it is the thing to do in all the teen magazines. I would venture to say this will offer great conversation starters for parents and their daughters (if you parents are willing also to candidly take the quiz with your children). Words to Live By offer verses for memorization - these are key verses that will encourage Christian growth. What Happens Next? is also another great conversation starter for girls and parents as it offers a chance to create your own bible story.

Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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