Thursday, April 5, 2012

NIV Boys Bible

This is an excellent boys study bible for the boy in your life who is between being a teen and a little kid - a great transition bible for this time.

Boys will like all the neat features. In fact I don't remember seeing a section or inset called "Grossology" in other tween study bible. This actually made me smile and of course my 8 year old boy found it to be the neatest feature to him. What boy does not want to learn some disgustingly gross fact that we often over look - like that a fly in the perfume would rot and make the who vat of perfume stink to high heaven?

Among this there are other insets of greater biblical teaching. Including: "What's the Big Deal" - this section points out key biblical people and stories. "Check it out" - this is a facts section about things in the bible, a great section to acquire biblical trivia knowledge. "Maikin' It Real" - this is a great section to use as a conversation starter if you study the bible with your child - this section helps to show how to apply the story or verse to everyday life. There are also verses that are highlighted as key verses to memorize.

This is one of those fun bibles that is great for boys.

Thanks B&B for this review copy.

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