Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Messenger, Siri Mitchell

Siri Mitchell has created another well-written and enjoyable book. Unfortunately this book arrived at a very busy time in my life with my 5 children, one of which was in and out of the hospital. So I did not get to devote the time to really enjoy the story but instead rushed through it trying to complete the book so I could post an honest review. In doing so I think I did not enjoy it as much as it could have been enjoyed. The book revolves around two main characters who form an unlikely alliance and then find healing, forgiveness, the power of enduring love and a deeper understanding of the human condition. All this occurs during a time of great disturbance in the Americas. Hannah Sunderland a "friend" or Quaker has her world turned upside down when her dear brother turns to the Colonial cause and ends up in jail. She finds that she really does not where she stands and begins to question the ways of her own faith. Jeremiah is an embittered barkeeper who is forced to serve men that he considers his enemies. He is a former soldier that is filled with hatred and distrust of most men. The two find their worlds entwined in a most unlikely way that will change both of them forever. One is devoted to a life of truth the other a life of survival. The question that is how will these two complete opposites work together for one cause and what will happen to them as they do it. Thanks Bethany House for this review copy.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to write and post a review in the midst of such a chaotic time. I'm glad you enjoyed it!


  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.