Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After All, Deborah Raney

This is the last book in a series. I received it as a review copy and had not read the preceding books but that did not take from this book. Although after reading this I would say that the others would be nice to read as well. After facing the tragic loss of her husband Susan Marlowe finally thinks that she is on the mend - moving on. Then - earth shattering - she finds that her husband held a secret that changes everything. Her world begins to crumble and what she thought of her marriage is forever altered. This one thing changes everything in her life - what will she do with? This book is a deep story of the healing of the redemptive love of God. When our worlds fall apart and what we considered as solid truth is revealed as shifting sand - God still stands and it is His love that redeems us and those broken dreams. This is a beautifully written and enjoyable story. I highly encourage you to pick up a copy today. Thanks for this review copy from Glass Roads Publications.

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  1. Abbie, the first two books were great! You should read them, it will explain a lot! I will be reading it soon!