Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Dangers of a Shallow Faith, A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer's penned words are so powerful the resonate deeply in the heart. It is as if you can hear a calm yet powerfully commanding voice behind a pulpit speaking to the congregation with a fierce and loving determination for the truth to be brought to light. Tozer's love for the lost and dying and his concern for the complacent and comfortable Christian are evident and convicting in every book that has been penned in his hand. His words of wisdom echo through the years and his rock-solid faith in Christ is evident. This book is so true to our day and time and yet it was written many years before us. It is as if Tozer looked into the future to a generation that would be on the brink of destruction and penned a letter under the hand of God to remind the church of God's WORD, not the words of man or man's tradition but simply the importance of that life-giving faith in Christ. He opens this book with this bold statement (even bolder consider the time in which he originally penned it): "The evangelical church in America is facing serious hazards that threaten to bring it to the bring of apostasy. My prayer it is not too late for awakening that will lead to successful reformation." (page 13) So much of this book is quote worthy that it would be easy to just copy it - but then why would you ever pick up a copy? Absolutely a great read and a challenge issued from a man who walk his faith and has stood against the flow of popular opinion. I encourage you to pick up a copy and be encouraged and challenged in your Christian walk. Thanks to Regal for this review copy!

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