Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Praying God's Word for Your Husband, Kathi Lipp

This is one of those books that makes a great gift for any woman - especially a newly wed or soon to be wed. Kathi Lipp has provided an excellent resource and jump start for your prayer life in regards to your husband. Often we struggle as women to find adequate scriptures to prayer in regards to our husbands. Of course there are the obvious about their health and well being and their stress and provisions. But there is so much more that we need to pray over our husbands. As a Pastor's wife I think that prayer over husbands is often a neglected area of prayer. As women we automatically pray through out the day for our children and we stock up on books about praying scripture over them and blessing them. We may even buy devotional books to work on with our husbands but still we neglect that one on one prayer time where we focus all our prayer resources just on them. I believe if we were more aware of the need for this specific prayer time for our husband we may see a revival across the nation. Men need our spiritual support in the form of prayer. They need us to spend time focused on them in our prayer life - praying over their lives, walks, struggles. They need our prayer support. This book is an excellent resource just for that. Pick up a copy at your local Christian bookstore and be prepared to be refreshed. Thanks to the publisher, Revel for this review copy.

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