Monday, July 9, 2012

I AM changes who I am, Gregg Matte

This is a perfect gift for the college or high school graduate or the New Christian. In fact it would be a great book to have on hand as a church out reach tool or to give as a gift to any of the above mentioned people. The gospel of John is explored in contemporary terms and will make a lasting impression on those who read it. Gregg Matte has done an excellent job of bringing to life a book of the bible that expresses the love of Christ for a lost and hurting world. The book is set up well so that it can easily be used in small group discussions such as small group bible study or book clubs. The 'for further reflection and discussion' sections following each chapter make this possible. This also provides an opportunity for the individual reader to take time to digest and re think the topic of the chapter - to apply it to their lives. I also loved the "I AM Playlist Pick" as I think this will appeal to the younger generation. I have to admit that I especially enjoyed it because I find that music is often so instrumental in my own life and often has a great effect on my mood. The music chosen ties in with the subject and brings the point home even more - giving yet another time to reflect on what the author has talked about in the previous or current chapter. This book will not be one that is quickly forgotten, but may be one that is quickly passed on. So I would advise purchasing more than one copy of the book so that you will have one handy to give as a gift to that perfect someone. Thanks to Regal for this review copy

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