Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspired by Tozer

This book is one of those that will be kept for generations and passed on with great enthusiasm. Tozer has influenced so many it is no wonder that he is called one of the greats. His words resonate with his passion for Christ and every time I read something of his it causes me to stop and reconsider my life and perspective. His profound insights have challenged people for years and this book is just further evidence that a person sold out to Christ changes the world - the butterfly effect in all it's glory is proven in this very book. Read as a devotional or read from cover to cover you will benefit as other great Christian thinkers and writers reveal the impact that Tozer has had on their Christian walk and the individual minsitries that God has called them to. Pick up a copy today and be influenced by one of the greats. Be inspired to dig deeper in to the Word. Be encouraged in the daily struggles and joys of the Christian walk. Be compelled to once again pick up the cross and pursue with an undying passion the Christ who has whispered your name across eternity. Thank you Regal for this review copy!

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