Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Story, Steven James

Wow!! If you have ever read Steven James before this is totally different from his other writing but absolutely stunning. Although I have enjoyed his fiction books this is by far my favorite of his!! In fact it is one of my favorite books right now. The pages are dog-eared and the margins have pencil marked thoughts and scripture references. This is one of those soul-stirring books that moves beyond the surface level to touch that part of you that is hidden from the outside world. It causes you to look at faith, life and everything else in a new light. From reading his other books I never would have guessed that he would take on a project like this or that he could pen the poetry that he did. This book is woven throughout with scriptural insight, deep personal revelations and poetry that stirs the heart. I doubt that any person could pick up this book and not be moved to want to better know God for themselves. For that is what life is about - our story and the story that is being created universally - for we are all part of a greater story. One far reaching and deeper than what we can see immediately before our faces. Well done Steven James - I hope to see more like this come from this author! Thanks Revel for this review copy

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