Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Soul of Spider-Man, Jeff Dunn and Adam Palmer

I would love to give this book rave reviews as I enjoyed the movies and have three boys and a husband that love spider-man, but I can't. First of all this movie is not a Christian movie, nor did the creators of spider-man ever intend for it to be. That being said - I will say that I am a believer that the world is a classroom for teaching biblical life-style and right living among the "good" and bad of the world. However, I found that parts of this book were a little far reaching to tie them into aspects of the bible or a little too indirect. I will salute the authors that they did a good job of taking all aspects of the movie and redirecting them to the bible. SO in that point this would be a good book to give a new believer or someone who is not yet a believer to show them how life and the bible really do co-exist and work together - that God really is in everything. I did give the book to my daughter who said she did not like it because it did not have enough scripture. However, teens in our teen group devoured the book and hung on every word. Not desiring to dig deeper into the bible this surface level book of "good Christian" living was satisfactory to them. I would recommend it as a good and enjoyable read but not for serious growth or discipleship. I realize that this review in light of all the others will most certainly generate negative feedback to myself and my blog. I am not saying it is completely bad - just saying I enjoy for myself and my children books that cause them to want to search out the scriptures. Thank you Gospel Light/Regal for this review copy.

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