Saturday, October 6, 2012

7 Love Letters from Jesus, Revecca Hayford Bauer

Everyone wants to know Jesus - they have a need to know they are loved and cherished. So many struggle with simply accepting that Jesus has a deep abiding love for them. In this book the author opens up scripture to show Jesus' love for his people in the letters to the churches. In a sweet and inspiring way this author has captured and revealed the heart of a loving savior for His bride, His people, each individual. Jesus longs for each of us to know how deeply loved and cared for we are. He desires to know us and to be known by us in an intimate and personal way. We are not just a face or name in a crowded room - we are the very center of attention when it comes to Jesus. This is a beautifully written book that is well-worth the read. With cold winter days closing in this would be a great "comfort" book as you sit beneath a warm cozy blanket with a steaming cup of cocoa. Curl up this winter and be warmed by the love of a Savior who gave His all for you and still is pursuing you, courting you, and longing for you to know Him and love Him the way that He knows and loves you. Thanks to Regal publishing for this review copy.

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