Saturday, October 6, 2012

Survival Guide For Young Women

Holly Wagner with the help of Nicole Reyes has written another outstanding book. I have yet to pick up a God Chicks book that has not made me smile and laugh out loud at times. Wagner has a writing style that makes it seem like you are having a personal conversation with a long time friend instead of reading a book. But one of the great things about Wagner is her upfront and non-apologetic way of facing tough issues. Though she does it in a loving, light-hearted way there is no denying the firmness in her conviction of what is right and wrong according to scripture. In a world filled with mixed messages and this type of approach is very important. Young ladies begin to get bombarded by negative images and messages at very young ages. The world is a terribly confusing place and sometimes it is difficult to navigate through the junk and stay on the right path. In this book Wagner and Reyes help young women develop a better sense of their identity in Christ, becoming founded firmly in the Word. Through real stories and biblical examples young ladies are empowered to live a life abundantly in Christ. If you have a graduating daughter, niece, grand-daughter, or college age friend this would be an excellent gift to slip to them. Let them know they have a cheer-leading squad that believes in them but that also knows this world can be difficult to navigate at times. Thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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