Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The True Account of Adam & Eve, Ken Ham

This is one of those books that will be treasured and passed down! I will have to purchase one for each one of my children so they can share it with my grandchildren. We have loved reading it nightly as a family devotional time and further exploring the creation story. As a child my parents - who had no solid theology at all and were at best blown about by every new doctrine - taught us that though evolution was incorrect that the creation account was not literal and that it took place over thousands and thousands of years. This created a bit of confusion for me as I grew up. For a belief like this leaves you open to question the complete authority of the rest of scriptures and to believe that there really are no absolutes in anything. As I explored scripture and prayed as a teen and young adult I found that I did not lean toward my parent's belief but did not know how to best argue against it - so silently I just believed in the literal 6 days of creation. This book beautifully illustrates through the exploration of scripture the literal 6 days of creation. I loved it!! I read it through from cover to cover and enjoy the entire book. We are taking it slowly with our children and really exploring the scripture as well as incorporating other resources by Ken Ham. The illustrations in this book are captivating and young and old alike will enjoy looking at it. My children have greatly enjoyed every aspect of this book. It is easy to tie in with a history curriculum dealing with "ancient" history or creation as well as with a science study. Ken Ham has done what Ken Ham does best - open scripture and allow it speak loudly for itself clearly. Thanks to MasterBooks for this review copy.

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