Friday, December 14, 2012

Made in Heaven, Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto

This is one of those books that you just want to keep on the coffee table as a conversation piece! The subtitle is "Man's Indiscriminate stealing of God's amazing design" - that alone makes me smile - and makes others wonder what is inside the cover. I was so excited to get a review copy of this book and have been blessed by adding it to my home school library. As a parent it gives one the opportunity to open discussion with your children about how God's creation and how it effects Science and the world around us. In fact while studying insects we read the section dealing with the eye of the fly (or rather eyes) and then discussed how God's design inspired the invention of other things. I then challenged my children to look at the bugs they had collected and the others they could think of and try to invent something new. My 5 year old immediately commented on how the exo-skeleton of a bug was like the armor of the Knights. This caused my 9 year old boy to look more closely at the body parts of the bug and his comment was that the body of the insect (head, center, bottom, arms and legs) is very much the same way armor is put together - not one solid piece but several joined pieces. My kids love to pick up this book and talk about new things they learn or what they find interesting for the day. I would highly recommend it for any parent whether home schooled or not who is interested in giving your child a biblical world view. While reading this book I continually take my children back to the verse "All things were created by Him..." This brings them to the realization that truly all of creation gives proof to the Master Creator's intelligent and loving design - truly nature sings of His glory and majesty. I love this book! I could not put enough good things about it in a review. I encourage everyone to visit for further information and more great resources for biblical world view. Special thanks to Masterbooks for this review copy.

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