Monday, December 31, 2012

The Genius of Ancient Man, Evolution's Nightmare, Don Landis

I was excited to get this book. I am always excited to find excellent resources that refute the theory of evolution with solid historical and archeological facts. This book does just that - it also establishes and further secures the foundation of a biblical world view. My older two children (ages 9 and 11) found this book to be interesting as they chose chapters to read and study then later discuss. Their understanding and appreciation for history and science was deepened as they saw how biblical truth is clearly etched into the world. They could link biblical stories to actual facts recorded by secular history. Further more they were disgusted to find the various ways that the world (and Satan) had distorted different symbols used as promises of God. I would encourage any family wanting to teach a solid biblical world view to pick up this book. I am using it with our current history and science to back up what I am teaching. I do this by choosing the chapters that have to do with our current course of study. I do think this could be easily adapted as reading for high school level and would be a great required resource reading for a high school term paper on evolution. Don Landis has done an excellent job of presenting a compelling work. I have this book laying on a coffee table right now as a conversation piece - after all the first step to presenting the gospel to the lost is to find a way to open conversation. I have found that the very cover of this book with the angry looking man in front of the gears is just that - a conversation starter. I love it! Thank you Master Books and New Leaf Publishing for allowing me to have a review copy of this book. Visit their websites for other great books and home school resources.

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