Monday, December 31, 2012

The Purpose of Man, AW Tozer

Designed to Worship - the subtitle to this wonderfully convicting book says it all. I enjoyed this book so much but at each turn of the page I found myself either inspired or convicted. Inspired to reach a new level of spiritual growth and convicted of the complacency in parts of my life. At the time I was reading this book I also had open several other works of Tozer. My husband was also taking a seminary course that required a load of reading on true worship. As we studied worship together we began to see and experience the presence of God in a new way and to see a change in our church and family. I am by no means saying this book in and of it's self will cause your entire life to turn upside down with miracles. However, I do want to stress that when ever you, as a believer, begin to delve into the mysteries of God and discover personally the personality of God you can not leave without being changed. That change will cause a disruption to the stale worship you once clung to as you are freed of traditions of men to experience an out-pouring of God's Spirit into your life. At the conclusion of this book I began to wonder how well received this book would have been if it had indeed been published earlier. Even now I wonder how many people will pick it up and allow the sound teaching of Tozer to lead them into a new understanding of the person of God and what worship truly is. Tozer continues to shape the world even after his death. Special thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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