Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awesome Science

Master Books has released a set of DVD's that is nothing short of Awesome! The DVD's are a must have addition to any home school curriculum! The host is a child, Noah Justice, who acts enthusiastic about every thing he talks about. I had the unique opportunity to review three of these: Explore Fossil Beds, Explore Mt. St. Helens, Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks. All four of my older kids, ages 4 to 11, enjoyed them. I enjoyed the fact that the videos opened up opportunities for discussion about how God created all things. This is always great for teachable moments. In fact the video over Mt. St. Helens basically disproves Darwins theory of evolution without being in your face vicious about it but rather by letting "science" do the talking so even the public school could not dispute the showing of these videos as being "to Churchy or preachy". I thought these were a great addition to our library and I feel very blessed to be able to recommend them to my home school friends and public school friends as well. I think these type of visual aids are essential in a child's educational experience as many of us will never have the opportunity to visit these places. However it is quite exciting to see your kids get excited that these places exist and even pretend to visit them in play time! Thanks you Master Books for these review copies. For additional resources from this company and to view a complete list of books and materials please visit their website.

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