Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Praying Circles Around Your Children, Mark Batterson

I had the opportunity to review the Circle Maker, but declined due to having too much to do at the time. Now I regret the lost opportunity to have reviewed it and will be purchasing a copy for myself. This is the second in his series and is a great addition to any library. The basic concept of this book is not earth shattering - it is the fact that we ought to be praying over our children. The power of the Word of God released into the lives our children will yield powerful results in their lives. This book introduces the practice of circling our children with the promises of the Word of God - essentially speaking into their lives the Life giving words of scripture. The author encourages parents to journal their prayers so later they can go back and see how God answered each one and at the same time leave a physical legacy for later generations to refer to the power of God's released Word. An individual is taught to circle that particular verse in their bible and pray it faithfully until they see the fruit of the answer - thus circling their child with the prayers of scriptures. I found the size of the book to be compatible with carrying in a purse which makes it extremely attractive to a mom on the move. It was and is convenient to fit into my diaper bag and carry with me as a quick reference or read in the waiting rooms or lines. It is only a little over 100 pages so it is a very easy short read. My copy is dog-eared and underlined. I did pass on two copies to other women but have not heard back from them as to what they have thought of the book. I believe that it is utterly important for parents to take their prayer life for their children seriously - realizing that this is the next generation and they are facing a world that is vastly different and far more wicked openly than the one most of us grew up in. Our children must see and hear our prayer life - it must be active! This book helps parents see that. Thanks to the publisher for this free review copy and the two free copies for give aways. Now to obtain my copy of the Circle Maker.

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