Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Belonging, Robin Lee Hatcher

A new school teacher in a small town, a man who's heart is ready for love - even though he doesn't think it is - so the stage is set for a romantic love story that will move readers and stir the heart! Felicia has arrived at the small town to become the new school teacher. She is leaving behind a past of heartache and pain. Hoping for something new she unpacks her bags and begins a new life in this dusty little town. The local shop keeper only wants to see that his daughter is taught well. Healing from the loss of his only love and desperately seeking peace from the broken heart he has he is not the most friendly or easy person to be around. These two are thrown together in an instant conflict as one tries to flee a painful past and one tries to make a more perfect future for his daughter and protect her heart in the process. He knows that if this new school teachers fails and leaves town his daughter's heart will be broken yet again. The reader is drawn into the story as the two characters walk a tightrope of love and hate, healing and hiding. Will love triumph in the end. Thanks to the publisher for this review copy.

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