Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Living as a Christian, First Peter - AW Tozer

This work from Tozer is a compilation of his teachings from the book of First Peter. As always I enjoyed a good read from Tozer. I always walk away from his books feeling that I have spent my time well. I love his style because it resonates in the heart and causes the reader to search the scriptures and take a deeper look into their personal lives. Here Tozer shows what a "real" Christian looks like in contrast to what a worldly and Sunday only Christian looks like. Our current society has a preconceived idea of what a Christian is. Sadly the modern church has strayed from the biblical definition of a Christian. We have filled churches to capacity with people who are happy living a complacent life style. The apostle Peter was not satisfied with the ordinary - in fact his ministry called him to turn the world upside down. This is the type of Christian that Tozer challenges us to become. Wonderful book. Thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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