Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Father Hunger, Douglas Wilson

A fatherless generation is now having children creating yet another generation of fatherless children. Since 2000 there have been numerous books, seminars, sermons and conferences over this very subject. The epidemic touches nearly every family in this nation in some way form or fashion. Now add to it the social acceptance of world views and the general moral decline and we have a new face on an old problem. This book takes a new look this problem and rises new questions and offers some advice and answers as well. It is a call for men to step up and lead in the battle of reclaiming our families and the youth of this generation. By exploring the utterly important role of the father he shows us that a father's legacy is lasting and important. Are we going to leave to the next generation an empty voice, a shadow of what could have been, a whole in the lives of the next generation. There are so many things that vie for a father's time and attention. This book explores the enemies attempt at making a counterfeit father instead of the real deal. This author goes right to the heart of the issues and tears apart the fallacies of the enemy exposing the truth of what fatherhood is in light of the scripture. This is a wonderful book for fathers, grandfathers, leaders in church and fathers to be. Thank you Thomas Nelson for this review copy.

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