Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reclaiming Christianity, A.W. Tozer

Authentic Christianity - what does that look like any ways? Is it not going to church every time the doors are open? What about serving in every place that is open in the church? What about knowing all the right churchy answers and always having a plastic smile? Tozer's book Reclaiming Christianity calls for Christians to return to their first love and to hold fast authentic faith. This is a faith that is Holy Spirit-filled and sold out for Christ. It is uncompromising - unselfish - without judgment - totally leaning on the Lord! Yes it is stepping out of tradition, setting aside showmanship, humbly seeking the Lord and laying aside the weight of all the hypocritical behavior so typical of Christianity today. This book will convict the reader to truly evaluate their life and to see if lines up with scripture. Thanks to Regal for this free review copy.

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