Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wondrous Works of God, Starr Meade

I love this book! I did not realize Starr Meade had another children's book,but have enjoyed everyone of her home school books! This is not the run of the mill Family bible story books with watered down versions of the bible stories. Starr Meade has a quality about her work that makes her a stand alone author in the area of home school and family devotional and teaching material. This book has the story plus historical information. All of this helps to make the story more interesting. It also ties the biblical stories we get so used to hearing to the historical world. This will strengthen the biblical world view that Christian parents want to instill in their children. I really enjoyed the "As for me and my house" section that offers further bible study review for the family. If you are looking for something that will bring your family closer together while causing them to dig deeper into the word of God and seek to know Him more this is it. I think this is a great book for children of all ages. We have really enjoyed the time together to read and study each story. This book has set the stage for our children to ask more questions and to see how the bible flows together and each section is tied to the whole bible. Thanks to crossway for the review copy.

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