Monday, March 18, 2013

Moms Raising Sons to be Men, Rhonda Stoppe

As a mother of three little men I was highly interested in reviewing this book. I have long used the bible as a staple for raising my daughters and sons - believing that everything I teach should be backed up with the Word. However, I am always interested in picking up a Christian book of parenting ideas - and some times I agree with the parenting methods presented and sometimes I find that the methods are not suitable for my current situation or child I am dealing with. Stoppe presents excellent ideas in a way that come off as seeming too perfect to accomplish. My fear with this book is that a new parent may close the cover feeling they have sub-par parenting skills. I think Stoppe would have better suited more people if she recognized in her book that every child is different and thus responds to correction, love, and guidance in different ways. What works with one child will not always work with another. My five children are extremely unique in many ways. One boy responds quickly to a verbal correction, while the other will continue in disobedience until he has been sent to his room and then he will yell about how unfair life is. While my youngest son breaks into tears at the simple word "no". The same with my two daughters - One is a people pleaser and a servant by heart, the other is spoiled, a little lazy and hard to correct without having her over - react and begin to cry uncontrollable. I hesitate with any book that appears to give a ten-step answer or fix all program for parenting and I think that this book tends to lean that way. However, with that being said - If you can read the book with an open mind and the intention of gleaning what is good from it I would say it is a great read. Stoppe has a very personable writing style that makes her book easy to read. This book was recieved free in exchange for an honest review.

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