Friday, February 22, 2013

Advice for Seekers, Charles H. Spurgeon

"First published in 1896 as Words of Advice for Seekers this text addresses many of the stumbling blocks and hindrances seekers have in coming to Christ. From his own experiences and his years of ministry, Spurgeon shares a gentle spirit of grace through his words to comfort and encourage those desiring to know the Lord." - Publishers Note Attic Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing, has lovingly and carefully restored the beauty of this book in this new edition. The small book has old-syle type and beautiful pages bound in hard copy book that looks to be from the 1800's. It makes a perfect gift book for the person who is seeking God. Those new to the faith or those still looking for the answer to the longing of their heart will find comfort and guidance in these pages. Spurgeon lovingly reveals the depth of grace and love God has for his people and carefully answers the questions of faith most common to those seeking Christ. In a world that is so filled with the influence and voice of the enemy this timely book brings comfort in the midst of uncertain times. As is the case with Spurgeon he constantly points the reader to the source of all hope and comfort. I can think of no better book to give someone who is seeking answers. Thank you Attic Books for this review copy. I am excited to have this copy that fits so nicely in my purse to be able to pass it along to others. For other lovingly and beautifully restored classics visit Attic Books on line!

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