Thursday, May 9, 2013

Prayer Warrior Mom, Marla Alupoaicci

So you are searching for an easy to read, but inspiring and useful book on prayer. This would be the book for you. This author embraces the belief that motherhood is a sacred calling - yes - that means what you do as a mother is utterly important. I found this book to be inspiring for the difficult times in motherhood. She has effectively written a book that will lift a mother's spirits, remind a mother that her job does not go unnoticed, that she makes an impact on lives that she may not realize, that she has been called to a holy job. I believe every mother needs to be reminded of these things every once in awhile. I read this book with a notebook beside me and my bible open. The entire time I was underlining and dog-earing my book I was writing notes and quoting parts of it on my face book wall. Prayer is one of those things we all long to do better and here is a book that gives you ideas about praying scriptures over your children. The author explores the fact that this is important to the development of your child. A mother's prayers are vitally important to the life of your child and your words impact them more than you know. The prayers of a mother are never left unheard and the heavenly father responds to them. Thank you Tyndale Publishers for this review copy.

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