Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Making Disciples, Ralph Moore

Well, I must start by saying I was pleasantly surprised and very challenged by this book. Often books on discipleship are a list of "how-to's" and neat ideas. This book goes further in that Moore challenges you to consider the why. As I was reading this book I became convicted that my thought on discipleship had been contained in a box - in that I considered it a class to be included in our church. A program, a system of growth. I found myself looking at discipleship in a whole new light and started to consider every interaction with people as an opportunity to disciple. In fact my 9 year old and I had a conversation when he came to complain that his younger sister was not nice. I asked him how he was handling it. When he told me (what I already knew) that he teased her, yelled at her and was not always so nice. I simply asked him if he was make a good example of behavior. He said - "well no, but she's always yelling at me and being mean". We then launched into discipleship - I explained that we are always making little disciples (little us)- we have a choice to be a "little Jesus" and therefor make other "little Jesus" or we had the choice to follow the world and make little world followers. I appreciate the fact that Ralph Moore did not write a book that was full of fluff but rather he wrote a book with Truth and conviction. The reader will put this book down feeling the urge to run out and fill the great commission like no other time. When one finally gets a hold of the truth of what Jesus was saying separate from our religious up-bringing one can't help but be excited. Thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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