Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Power of a Parent's Blessing, Craig Hill

I have read several books on this topic but this one is quite unique in that Craig Hill digs into the Jewish history of blessing children. He delves deep into the scriptural promises of blessing and the warnings of cursing. He calls to account each parent - we are either speaking the blessings of God into our children's lives and thereby liberating them or we are speaking curses into their lives thereby opening the doors for satanic/demonic attachment, attack and ultimate bondage. I absolutely enjoyed reading the 7 critical times of blessing! In fact I had to smile as we are pregnant for the 7th time. each of our children was prayed for and wanted - we were not supposed to be able to have even one child and though we lost our 5th child due to a problem during pregnancy - I know each one was blessed at conception. However, this time my husband said that he has been convicted that a child needs to hear the blessings in God's word spoken over them at birth - this book mentions this. I took it immediately and showed it to my husband. I also appreciate the fact that Craig Hill addresses the importance of a covenant marriage upon conception. Though I do know great and Godly people born outside of marriage as a Pastor's wife I know first hand that many of these people struggled with attacks from the enemy because of this and even struggled with understanding God's design for marriage. I know that this topic of co-habitation and sex outside of marriage is unpopular in todays society where such action are considered normal and okay. So in this light - Hill gently but firmly exposes the dangers in this. He uses scripture to back up this stance and shows that the child is born open to an attack of the enemy. Some would argue that the couple was in love at the time - however I would argue that love is enduring and lasts even through a storm and trial - it is not short lived and walked away from. Hill gives practical steps in blessings and breaking curses through repentance of past sins. This book is packed with powerful truths and would be a benefit and blessing to all families. Thanks to Chosen books for this review copy.

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