Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Rapid Waist Loss Diet, Don Colbert, MD

Don Colbert has been the author of many books dealing with healthy diets and ridding the body of toxins that contribute to health issues. In this book he presents a diet to shrink the waist size. This book has a stringent diet and specific calorie intake that must be followed. He also prescribes the use of hCG during this diet. In order to complete the diet a consent form with strict guidelines must be signed and witnessed. He requires monthly lab to be done to monitor the health of the participant. Colbert asserts that your waist size is your life line - it is not how much you weigh but the size of your waist. He states that most people have toxins built up in their body that contribute to their health problems. This is an easy book to read, but I think it might be a difficult diet for a person that is not disciplined. I appreciate the fact that Colbert has a strict list of acceptable foods and calorie intake to use. However, this will require a drastic change in the average person's life style and will require a deep commitment to losing weight and eating right. This diet is not recommended for those with high blood pressure. Colbert's main goal is to show that God desires His people to live a healthy productive life. Thanks to Siloam publishers for this book for review.

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