Monday, June 17, 2013

Tower of Babel,, Bodie Hodge

Have you ever skipped over the "be-gets" of Genesis - you know the section of family trees that seem to be an endless list of hard to pronounce names that have no apparent meaning? Have you ever struggled to understand how the biblical Genesis account of the history of the Earth and man fit in with what you were taught in school and have taken for granted as the truth. Maybe you choose to skip Genesis all together because it just seems more like a childish story than actual fact, or it seems to huge to actually believe. If this is the case then this book is just where you need to begin! I was so excited when this title came up on the review list for MasterBooks. I could not wait to get my copy in the mail. I would not say I am a history buff, but ancient history has always fascinated me and biblical history put into perspective is a huge draw for me. Needless to say I began to read this book as soon as it came out of the package. As a Christian mom I am always looking for good resources to share my biblical world view with my children. I want them to be able to reconcile scripture with the world - to see that the Living Word of God is accurate and inerrant in all things and that the stories chronicled in it's pages are not mere fiction but that they actually took place and were significant. As a home school mom I am constantly on the search for new books that show secular documents lined with scripture to show my children the truth of God's word and the often flawed view of history. This author has expertly explored the biblical account of the Tower of Babel and given great detail in such a way that any one can understand and become fascinated by the historical significance of this very event. Thanks to MasterBooks for this review copy.

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