Thursday, July 11, 2013

Children's Atlas of God's World, Craig Froman

This oversized book is a wonderful addition to anyone's library - home school or not! When I opened the package that contained this book my children lined up to read it. In fact, 3 weeks out, it is still a favorite. You just can't beat a reaction like that! As a mom I am always super excited to find a book that perks my children's interest and causes them to ask questions and find answers. Even our 17 month old loves to open this book and look at all the colorful, real-life photos. He excitedly points to all the things in the pictures and talks animatedly about them. This book takes countries and gives facts about that country. My oldest son liked to look at all the different flags, while my youngest daughter liked to look at all the pictures of dress. My oldest daughter and younger son like to read the information. I am constantly hearing, "Mom did you know that in.....". As a home school mom this is exciting because it takes information that is other wise boring to them (when presented in text book format) to something that is visually exciting and makes them want to read about what is happening in the book. I have already began to recommend this to friends that are looking for ways to make history, geography and social studies more interactive and fun. I think this book is an excellent supplement to any home school curriculum and would benefit public/private school children as a supplement to their text books. This would be a great way to encourage younger aged children to write about different cultures and nations. So - open this book and explore God's great big world. See His hand in the creation of nations, customs and traditions. See what lays beyond the borders of your home, town, city, state and nation. Open the minds of your children and explore what God has given. Thanks to Master Books for this review copy!! To find more useful and exciting learning tools be sure to visit the Master Books website!

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