Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Man in the Making, Rick Johnson

The daunting task of raising boys - sometimes seems so over whelming. As a mother of three boys (and one on the way) I find it easier to relate to my daughters than my little men. After all I know what my girls need, the guidance I can offer as a mother and how to instill in them the characteristics of a Godly woman. However, my boys are another story. I feel like I am inadequate for the task. I know I don't want them to hen-pecked, or tied to my apron strings. I want them empowered and strong, and able to serve the Lord. Confident in their identity in Christ and compassionate, loving young men. In his book, A Man In the Making, Rick Johnson explores the aspects of raising Godly young men. I would say that this book is excellent for parents to read together if possible. I think there has been a deficiency in the church for a long time of active fatherhood and extreme mothering. We as mothers tend to push our boys too hard - nagging, or pull them to close - hovering over them and coddling them to a point of not being able to exist on their own. I appreciate how this author sites strong Christian men as examples - most of whom I have read works by and whom I admire and respect. He takes these examples and shows their character traits that made them truly God-honoring men. By far this is one of the best written books on this subject!! After reading it you will feel more empowered to do the task that God has called you to. Thanks to Revel for this review copy.

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