Thursday, August 29, 2013

Memorys Door, James L Rupart

I fear that my review of this book will never do justice to how expertly written it is. Rupart has become a master at drawing in the reader and captivating them in such a way that they become one with the story. This is one of those page-turners that is nearly impossible not to spend an entire afternoon reading! The second in the Well Spring Novel Series this one does not disappoint. In fact it draws the reader more into the lives and emotions of the main characters - bringing them more to life. At times the tension in the story is palpable as the reader becomes one with the struggles and triumphs of each of the characters. Few Christians would dispute the fact that we are in a constant battle with an enemy that wants nothing more than to destroy us by any means he can fathom. However, few want to acknowledge that the spiritual battle raging around us often takes on physical form and comes to attack in very personal, very real ways. Few want to entertain the thought that the enemy works through people or that the enemy may even manifest himself in the human form - much less that angels also walk among us in very visible ways at times. Within the pages of this novel the spiritual realm steps into the physical realm to crush the logic that our finite minds try to hang onto. The unexplainable begins to happen - and the world of the Riders becomes turned upside down. Each of them has a destiny - no different from the fact that each of us also has a significant role to play in this spiritual battle raging around us. The difference is that the riders embrace this calling and walk onto the battle field ready to fight for the Lord. The problem is that when a believer embraces their warrior role the enemy is NEVER pleased and the intense attacks begin in an unrelenting, often terrifying fashion that forever changes the lives of those involved. Are you ready to believe? Are you ready to step into the next dimension? Are you ready to experience spiritual warfare that will forever change the way you look at the world around you? Are you prepared for an adventure that will cause your heart to beat loudly and your mind to race with the possibilities that such things could actually be going on around you at this very moment. Like Dekker and others like him Rupart explores the spiritual realm with fervor and excitement. This book is not for the weak at heart. It is not for the weak in faith. It is not for those who prefer the safety of life as they know it. Memory's Door is about taking the risk to walk through the door to except things the way God sees them. To forsake the lies and deception of the enemy and religion and embrace the freedom of God's love, grace, forgiveness. It is about exploring the depths of God's indescribable character and seeing in full force the evil that lurks in the form of the enemy. It is about making a decision - Will you believe? Thank you to to Thomas Nelson for this review copy.

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