Thursday, August 1, 2013

Called to Battle Destined to Win, Jerry Savelle

A life of victory! Yes! That's what everyone desires, that is a deep seated want. Here is the inspirational book that is not all fluff! Although this books is filled with inspiration it is not filled with an empty message of name it and claim it. Instead Savelle explores what it truly means to follow Christ into victory and operate in that victory. This book is filled with scriptural examples as well as other personal testimony. I believe that anyone, whether a new Christian or a person who has been a Christian for a while, will benefit from this book. I found this book difficult to put down since it's information is practical and easily applicable to daily life. I wanted to finish it all in one day - though that might be possible I had to slow down to make notes in a journal and to ponder the ideas. You see, God is a God filled with power. He desires that His children live and operate in that same power. Our victory does not look like the world's victory but it is much sweeter and longer lasting. I really had to stop and think through each chapter and assess whether I had been applying the truth correctly or whether I had bought into the worlds definitions of victory and power. Thanks to Regal for this review copy.

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