Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Multiply Your CHurch, Ralph Moore

I first picked up and read "Making Disciples" by Ralph Moore and was surprised to be reading a book that so closely echoed the heart of my husband and I. We have been married and in the ministry for the past 16 years, the last 10 years by husband has served in the capacity of senior pastor. During this time our heart has continually been heavy for our people. Our desire - to see them break from the mundane, to step out of the shackles of traditionalism, to embrace the Acts church. So when I finished that book - I wanted nothing more than to read everything else by Ralph Moore. As a husband and wife team we have strove to raise our children with a missional mindset. One that focusses on the individual. We have taught our children that we must step out of our comfort zones and walk in places we would not normally walk to preach the gospel to the lost and hurting people of this world. We also have always thought that the church in general is over commercialized and to filled with empty programs void of meaning or purpose and mostly void of the solid presentation of the gospel. This book will inspire the Christian reader to reach out to this world. In it he explores the vital importance of church planting for the purpose of disciple making and world-changing. This book will change your life and your thoughts about the purpose of the church. It is a truth that many pastor's know, but have trouble embracing. This being because the worlds standards continue to state that a successful church is one with large numbers and shiny programs. While God's standard of success is the discipleship of people thus increasing the church as a whole. Thank you Regal for this review copy.

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