Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Unlimited, David Bunn

Based on an actual man and the movie that was being made this book will draw you into a riveting story from page one. A long dusty highway - a new invention - a dead professor - drug lords that want the main character killed. I'd say the stage is set for some action, adventure and some intrigue along the way. Set in the hot, dusty country of Mexico at a desolate orphanage Simon, Harold, Pedro, Sofia and Jaun set out to discover why their friend and professor is dead. The other question to be answered is how to finish the work on the new invention that the professor started. Unlimited is about discover the unlimited power within ones self although the invention also represents this same thing. I think the underlying theme is that within ourselves are things that we fail to see, we underestimate not only our worth but often times our ability to succeed. The friendships woven throughout the pages of this story reveal the depth of heart in each character and their own inward struggles with coming to terms with that which is unlimited. Glad that the book came out before the movie - can't wait to see the movie - but at the same time hope it lives up to the story that Bunn has so masterfully penned. Thanks to B&H Publishing and B&B Media for this review copy.

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