Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Did Jesus Say..., Rev. Terry Allan Christian

This would make an EXCELLENT gift book for a new believer, a seeker, or any believer! Read it as a daily devotional or read it through like a book and you will be blessed either way. This author opens the book with the poem "Foot Prints in the Sand"....and then leads straight into the words of Jesus - no commentary, no theological thoughts, no personal interpretation, no lessons - only the pure words of Jesus himself. Many have found life-changing faith by only reading the words in red in the bible - here they are in book format on beautiful pages in beautiful font to read, enjoy, soak up, let sink in. The words that bring reconciliation, hope, the message of grace, forgiveness, unending love. Words that are like water to the parched soul, food for the starving, healing for the broken. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting something that will refresh and awaken their spirit - for nothing can do that like the Word. Thanks to Prime Star Publishing for this review copy.

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