Monday, November 25, 2013

The Judas Goat, Perry Stone

I have to say God moves in mysterious and marvelous ways! I had been going through several weeks of spiritual attack when I posted a review and went to choose a new book. There on the page was this one - a new release, new to the book review list staring me in the face. It was as if God had placed in front of me just the thing I needed at just that moment. The spiritual attacks I was facing were being waged by the enemy through church members, some of whom were my "friends". Though I this was not a new experience in the ministry it was none the less devastating to me personally. Perry Stone has written an excellent book about dealing with betrayals and false friendships. I loved his illustrations of goats and sheep and the way he unfolded the scripture. I had never thought about the verses in scripture about goats and sheep quite the way he presented them. Mainly because I am honestly ignorant about the character and tendencies of both animals. I was utterly amazed. My copy of this book is dog-eared and marked up. I have loaned it to others in the ministry and will most certainly need to buy additional copies. I think that those new in the ministry need a copy in hand. I would have avoided a lot of personal hurt feelings and been able to walk more in peace with the goats in the church had I had this information 12 years ago! My only complaint - and it is a VERY minor one is that it seemed at times that Perry Stone was defending himself. I realize that he has been under scrutiny and attack over the past year but I do not feel that he needed to defend his stance. Although I am a member of a very traditional and conservative Baptist denomination my husband and I have always enjoyed Perry Stone's teaching and books. These parts in the book are minimal but are there. Anyone in ministry will benefit from this book. Thanks to Booketeria for this review copy.

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